Monday, August 22, 2016


I recently discovered a feature on my camera which allows a mobile device to be used as a camera remote and also shows the image on the phone screen.  Nifty!  Un-nifty is that I've had this camera for a few years now and just realized I had this feature.  Why it's only in the last year that I can wirelessly send photos from camera to my phone.  Isn't technology grand!

I spent a bit of time yesterday updating my camera's firmware and installing the new remote feature.  While I was playing around with the remote, I took a photo of my face in an unguarded moment.  Talk about no makeup!
This certainly isn't the most attractive photo of me.  This is exactly the type of photo that would never make it onto this blog (usually)!!  I think it's also telling that the first photo I take with this feature is of my mug.

I started thinking about the years I've been operating my blog and the number of photos of my face I've posted online:  likely and literally hundreds.

For each photo that makes it to a blog post, I've probably taken ten others that didn't make it.  If I had to choose between two photos to post, one with color and texture accuracy with an unflattering face OR a good-looking photo of my face with passable makeup accuracy, I would probably have to ponder a long, long time.  You can judge for yourself what I end up posting. ;)

I began to consider the oddity that is this beauty blog.  Aside from the regular beauty blog duties like swatches and writing about color, texture and performance, I spend a lot of time trying to take photos of myself that look the best.  This best is probably a fleeting moment that only exists in digitized photo form and rarely in my real life.

Such an odd box of an imagined life this little beauty blog is!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Looks Featuring SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in EX-32 Rengazome

I did an earlier post that shows fully details the new limited edition eye shadow palette that SUQQU released with their Autumn Winter 2016 collection.  Here are two looks I did with the palette, one a bit better executed than the other.  I find reds a bit tricky in terms of placement and I don't have such an artistic streak that placement ideas come easily or naturally to me!  

First up, I tried to use the red in a less intuitive way and placed in the inner corner.  :D  I wouldn't call it a complete fail, but it does look a bit as if I am suffering from a mild case of eczema or an intense case of conjunctivitis.
Good thing that the colors are so easy to blend and wearable (for a red!) that I still wore it to work and didn't feel too weird.  The khaki olive shade was used as a main shade, all over the mobile lid and on the lower lash line.  The darker brown was used to slightly deepen the crease and also along the lower and upper lash line for definition.  The light shade was placed just in the center of the upper lid.

This second look is more in line with how I would normally wear a palette like this.  Layered but where each shade doesn't completely overlap the others so that I can get all the various complex gradations I love in SUQQU.  These pictures are a bit dark.  Morning getting ready and blog photo taking tends to be a harried affair!
Ah!  I love this quad!  Red was used all over the mobile lid, the dark brown along the upper and lower lash line layering the red.  And then the olive in the crease, slightly overlapping the red on the mobile lid and layered again over the dark brown on the lower lash line.

Did you also pick this up from SUQQU's AW2016 collection?  What placements have you been enjoying?

While it is no longer in stock on Selfridges website, you can still give the counter a ring to check its availability.  I suspect with the high demand, it may be out of stock there.  In the UK, you can also contact Harrods and Fenwick.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes

>>This post features products provided without charge by pr/brand for my consideration<<

I will preface this post by saying that I'm not a huge fan of cream eye shadows.  I think blending multiple shades is much more easily done with powder products, in my opinion.  I use cream shadows generally for a wipe of a simple wash of color, some smudgy liner plus mascara for a simple look.  The other way would be to intensify other powder shades by using it as a base.

All that said, I was super game to try these SUQQU ones because I adore their eye shadows.  Half of my eye shadows are from this brand.  And if there were good swipe and go simple eye shadows from SUQQU, well that would be pretty awesome.

The ones I received from the SUQQU AW 2016 collection are EX-01 Hikarizoe and EX-05 Yakou, very reasonably described by the brand as a shimmering pink and a shimmering grey.  That they are.  The press release describes this new limited edition formulation as such:
New Deep Nuance Eyes are soufflé-like creamy eyeshadows that reflect natural light to create definition and subtle depth.  SUQQU have achieved this soft, airy texture with a delicate balance of light oil and spherical powder. Coating powders in oil helps keep the skin moisturised, allowing pigment and coverage to remain as full as when it has first been applied. The Deep Nuance Eyes also contain silicone gel that has a cushion-like texture, this forms a flexible veil over the eyelids that moves with skin rather than sitting on top and settling in fine lines.
For me, it's actually much less souffle like than the Tom Ford creams, which are soft and easily dented with a finger poke.  The SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes feel solid, though creamy enough to pick up with a brush or finger.
EX-01 Hikarizoe (L); EX-05 Yakou (R)
SUQQU Limited Edition Deep Nuance Eyes
They are straight up, magically gorgeous in their pristine state, no?
Product ships with a small rounded brush.  I've found it a little flimsy for actual application uses.  The fibers were a little soft for picking up product, applying and blending.  I tried to use the brush for my swatches (below), but gave up and used my fingers.  I don't think these were super handy for application on the lids either.  These synthetic fibers are very smooth and do not pick up product well and were not great for evenly depositing it on the lids.  I had much better luck using finger tips (for the easy breezy method) and by using a stiffer natural hair brush (like kolinsky, other weasels, goat, etc).
Swatches below.  
  • I had super high hoped for EX-01 Hikarizoe, the shimmering pink one.  The slightly warm pink looks like a great brightening wash, but to show this level of opacity, I had to go back and apply multiple layers. 
  • The grey EX-05 Yakou is a bit more sheer.  Again, these deep shades are usually great bases for smoky eyes or easy washes, but similar to its pink sister, I had to apply several layers to show this level of depth. 

And since I had another dark cream shadow to compare it with, here's Shiseido's version in the color Caviar (reviewed here).  My Shiseido is several years old now and I've only made a small dent.  It is intensely pigmented.
Shiseido in the foreground
Well, Shiseido is a black and SUQQU is a grey and with light one layer swatch, it's easy to tell.
SUQQU left, Shiseido Right
Now all this blah blah aside, the bottom line is that I wasn't impressed with the SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes.  
  • The sheerness is ok, but I found that evenly building up the color on my eyes was not very easy.   
  • The performance was not strong either.  While Shiseido lasts an age when applied over my normal Nars Pro Prime eye shadow primer, the SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes faded away very quickly and I had creasing.
  • When worn (with only the cream shadows themselves), I had fading and glitter fall out.
  • It did work well as a base for powder eye shadows.  It intensified the color and texture of eye shadows and I didn't experience the creasing or fading.

Two-point-five ways worn:

One - both colors worn over Nars primer.  The Hikarizoe as a wash over the whole mobile lid and past the crease and the Yakou grey in the outer corner.  
Two - Yakou worn over the whole mobile lid and on the lower lash line.  Can you see how patchy it looks?  I used fingers and brushes to apply and try to blend evenly.
And Two Point Five - I used Yakou as a base and applied two powder eye shadows over it.  It greatly intensified the effect.  That's Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird and Fire-tailed Sunbird.
The Deep Nuance Eyes are super gorgeous in their pots, but not with the versatility that I was hoping.   This may work best for you if you have drier lids (mine are oily, require primer and many things crease and fade without primer) and also if you enjoy using creams as base for building up powder eye shadows.

These are now available in the the UK at Selfridges along with the balance of the AW2016 collection!

Have you checked out SUQQU's new limited edition eye shadows?  What are some of your favorite ways of using cream shadows?

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

Friday, August 12, 2016


We interrupt this regularly schedu... oh, pwah!  I only post in spurts after a big lull, but this must be shared!

SUQQU will be releasing the S brush in October exclusively in the UK.  We've all be whining, and apparently, they've been listening.  Apparently some other brush as well.   You can see my review of the S brush here, which by the way, I paid a pretty penny for on Yahoo Japan Auctions.  This is wonderful news!

Here's what SUQQU UK's account posted on Instagram.

Hmm, if they really are listening, can we also make some noise about having them expand a little futher this-a-way?  I think we can support a counter or two, most definitely here in NYC!

Anyway, I wil lbe over here celebrating my butt off if anyone is looking for me.

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