Sunday, September 11, 2016

Makeup Backup (and Skincare, too)

When asked, I always say that I don't keep backups and always qualify that answer by saying that I do keep one or so of skincare items around because in general, my skincare routine stays pretty stable.  Turns out, I'm a big fat liar or at the very least, have a good self deception thing happening.

I keep one drawer dedicated to various backup items, but once I dug around to really get to know what I have, I realized I have a lot.  What triggered this self realization was when I recently repurchased a discontinued blush from SUQQU after having used and witnessed a sizable pan.  This put me into a bit of a frenzied shopping state trying to track one down (having two orders canceled by the seller) until I finally purchased one.  (We turn a blind eye to the purchase price because the Pan was Sizable.  There is a proportionate relationship to Size of Pan to Price of Purchase.  This law is hereby recorded as Law of Fearful Pan Purchase)   While putting away SUQQU blush Usuzakura, I opened up the drawer and noticed that it was veritably CHOCK FULL O' STUFF.
What, backups.  Me?
As you know, my blog tag is "I have stuff.  Let me show them to you."  Apparently I have backups of that stuff, so I'm going to show you them stuffs.

AmorePacific Samples & GWP

Oddly enough these deserve their own category because I own a fair number of these.  I've been using AmorePacific for a long time so whenever I go back to the counter to purchase, I often get handed very generous samples (sometimes even full sized) things to use and try.  These deluxe minis are mostly of the Time Response line (the anti aging and very rich) and I use these for travel.


I always seem to have Eve Lom cleansers in the backup drawer.  I use the balm cleaner as well as the Morning Time cleanser.  I've currently started using the Omorovicza one recently and regret trying anything new.  I should have stuck with the Eve Lom.

Also are various products from Barrier Repair (the brand with the creepy baby face).  I like their sheet mask for extra hydration.  I don't really think anything I've tried has any lasting effect but when I am very dehydrated, this starts as a good starting layer to prep my skin before I add on other products (toners, lotions, serums, another sleeping mask, etc).

From Barrier Repair I also use the cream and the HA serum.  Both are very simple products and not very rich.  I like Barrier Repair products in the morning because even though I get very dehydrated, anything very rich (like my AmorePacific) will make me a big grease ball during the day.

Other Skincare-ish Items

I guess this is more miscellaneous than skincare.  I've been stocking up on Baby Foot since is closing.  It's is a high salicylic acid based foot peel.  I find the process very effective, with some copious dead skin shedding during a 7-10 week period and then voila!  BABY FOOT.

I like Muji for stocking up on cotton pads and cotton swabs.  I like these peel-able cotton pads.  Generally low-lint, soft and doesn't disintegrate.  The swabs are very fine tip, which I like for fixing eye makeup snafus.

The Beauty Blender solid soap is another staple.  I'm almost done with one so glad to have this one on hand.  My old one looks like a big donut.

The Nars eye shadow primer is a forever HG.  Now and Forever.  R'Amen.

The LRP Anthelion 60 Melt-in Sunscreen Milk is a big favorite.  It is incredible light (a very fluid white milk) that really does melt into the skin.

Some more skincare here.  Here's a new bottle of the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic.  It is an antioxidant serum, notable for L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin) C.  I love how it has been gradually fading away various old pigmented acne marks and sun-damaged pigmented spot.  Unfortunately, the acne I thought was attributed to this is real.  I'm getting all sorts of inflamed (but small, than goodness) cystic acne and covered comedones all over the place and namely, in places I never get zits.  I'm sticking this back in the drawer for a bit.  If you can tolerate it, I would recommend it for its effectiveness.

I try to open up a new mascara every three months or so.  I usually have one or two of my favorite, Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara around.  These Chanel bases and Le Volumes, I don't know how these are proliferating.

And this is where I find myself a really big liar.  Look at all this makeup!
  I guess all these things have some sort of good explanation for why they belong with me.  I'm almost done with MAC F&B foundation, so this bottle will go into use almost immediately.  It's just a silly thing to have sat in my drawer for six months.  Never mind  the money used to buy this out of my wallet.  The same for the Tom Ford foundation stick, although in this case, Pale Dune, my color has been discontinued.  I'm very glad to have this.  Other items are also discontinued, the SUQQU Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural as are the pressed versions (I have TWO of them!), and the limited edition Lighting Liquid.  I guess the eyelash curler pads are ok to have, but do I need so many of them?!  Maybe you also spy a brand new SUQQU cheek brush.  And that blush in Usuzakura I mentioned before.

And then the Last of Them
Cute things.  Don't recall the last time I finished a perfume (or a solid one at that).

So what do you end up saving as backups?

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